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Our focus is on producing a milk protection system that meets the compliance standard of milk chilling and which supervises both product temperatures and the systems performance. We’ve stepped above and beyond New Zealand standards and implemented technology and code which meet world standards for milk chilling.

why insulate your vat?

Wind, sun, high ground water temperatures, rain and summer temperatures can all cause your milk vat to gain heat. This means your refrigeration system is working harder than it needs to and may struggle to help you meet chilling speed and temperature          regulations.

Insulating your milk vat protects it from heat gain and reduces the load on your refrigeration system, delivering up to 20% additional refrigeration capacity. This chills your milk faster, using up to 40% less energy for refrigeration.

Our vat wraps come with a 5 Year Warranty, are easy to clean and are specifically made for milk vats using 10mm woollen blend fabric, sandwiched between two layers of 630/m2 high quality, hot air welded PVC. Contact us today to discuss your vat wrap needs.


next generation low-cost milk chilling COMPLIANCE technology

The VariVAT is our recently released next generation milk-chilling technology designed specifically for New Zealand dairy farms.   

VariVAT has been designed from the ground up to deliver dairy farmers cutting edge milk-chilling technology, to easily meet and in most cases exceed New Zealand’s milk chilling compliance requirements, for minimal capital outlay compared with other milk chilling systems.

And VariVAT totally eliminates the need to purchase additional plate coolers.

It is the simple solution to milk cooling compliance – in one box!

Coolsense’s easy-to-install VariVAT system delivers instant milk cooling compliance from the first milking following install as well as delivering a multitude of additional on-farm benefits.