Here are the basics of the new Milk Cooling regulations

The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has changed its regulations on the chilling and storage of milk on farm. This regulation change aligns with the European Union. The change is effective from August 2016, any upgrade or any new builds automatically have to be compliant and ALL farms are to be compliant by 1 June 2018.

Milk bottle and clock icon

Must be 10⁰C within 4 hours from the commencement of milking

Must be 6⁰C within 2 hours of the completion of milking; or within 6 hours of commencement of milking (whichever is the lesser).

Milk Bottle and Thermometer Icon

Must be kept at or below 6⁰C until it is collected or until the next milking

10 degrees Milk Bottle

Additional milking’s into a vat will not elevate the milk temperature to above 10⁰C

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