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Plate Heat Exchangers

Alfa Laval TL3 Plate Heat Exchanger

 The faster milk is cooled after milking, the better its quality when it is collected from the farm.

Plate heat exchangers are one option for milk cooling.

Coolsense stocks only high quality Alfa Laval PHEs, suitable for all New Zealand dairy farms.

Learn more about our plate heat exchangers here…

CoolCARE is another new product developed by Coolsense. 

A subscription-based support and telemetry service,  CoolCARE allows the user and the supplier to connect to chilling systems manufactured by Coolsense via a web browser or mobile phone, and monitor their performance in real-time. 

The hardware is provided in the chilling system and the data connection is controlled by Coolsense.

we're the big little company

Coolsense NZ Ltd is an innovative Refrigeration Equipment Specialist company. 

Formed in 2013, Coolsense specialises in packaged turn key chilling systems. It is a dedicated lean manufacturing company and has been built from the ground up using systems that fully support an Original Equipment Manufacturing operation. Its initial development of a variable capacity packaged chilled water system has built Coolsense a reputation as a manufacturer of high quality, highly efficient R410a and R454b refrigerant driven gaseous refrigeration systems, closely focusing on water and glycol as its heat transfer method to reduce the refrigerant charge of its packaged systems.

Coolsense is also a specialist supplier of auxiliary equipment for the refrigeration industry focusing on heat transfer, fluid transfer and data acquisition through its proprietary ‘CoolCARE’ smart IOT (Internet of Things) telemetry system.

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The Value Proposition

  • Coolsense NZ assembles only the best state of the art refrigeration componentry from the most reliable manufacturers from around the world. This forms the foundations the Coolsense range of the chilling systems.
  • The Coolsense chassis is a fully galvanised and powder coated steel unit, the condensers are polymer dipped giving the system an expected life span of 20 years plus.

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Snap Chilling

  • Snap chills the milk within seconds and puts it into the vat at sub 6 degrees Celsius
  • The one machine snap chills the milk and can chill up to 4 milk vats simultaneously
  • The complete milk protection system in one unit
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Heat Recovery

  • Produces free hot water through high grade heat recovery to a maximum of 70 degrees Celsius
  • Between 280 litres and 820 litres per hour hot water recovery dependant on the machine installed
  • The VariCOOL 22kW, the biggest selling model produces up to 480 litres per hour
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Energy Saving

  • The chiller varies the energy output to match the chilling load on your farm at any one time
  • Reduces electricity costs by chilling the milk more efficiently
  • A proven ‘A grade’ energy efficiency rating (EER)
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  • Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity for data retrieval and self-diagnostic monitoring
  • Tank, milk temperature and system monitoring
  • SMS warning text alerts to you or a service technician should a system issue occur
  • Logs all data before and after the snap chilling process and will self-calculate your energy savings in real time
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Water Conservation

  • Conserves water through a unique milk plate cooler design.
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