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From cow to milk vat, the VariCOOL chiller becomes your complete refrigeration unit on farm. The single unit snap chills your milk but will also keep the milk in the vat refrigerated. One unit does it all!

At Coolsense NZ we take care of the full turn-key installation process including all pipework, installation kit, plate exchange coolers, hot water header tanks and the chiller unit itself.

Check out some of these videos of Coolsense NZ and the processes we undertake.

Winner Waikato Business Award and Company Overview

Fly-over of a Vari-COOL 22 Installation on Farm by Southfreeze Dairy

Full turn-key solution to your dairyshed chilling when installing a Vari-COOL by Coolsense NZ

Shane and Jacque Ashley are finishing their fourth season with the VariCOOL 22. They’re very happy with it.

Hans Geesink from Tahuna is very happy with his green VariCOOL 36 chiller.

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New Zealand Developed and Made

We are 100% New Zealand. All chilling systems have been designed here and are built here.

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Milk Proteciton System

Varicool is a milk protection system that meets the compliance standard for milk chilling.

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Saves You Money

Varicool is one of the most energy efficient, robust and advanced systems in the market.

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Reports Back to You

Reports Back to You

We now have the ability to report back showing the savings the Vari-COOL generates, logging the temperature of milk.

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